Quality assurance

Make use of Gulp

Of cause you can run the tests and validate the code manually, but there is a also more elegant way: Arcella supports Gulp with automates and enhances the workflow. And there are a lot of useful standard tasks included with Arcella. The most simple way is just to execute the default task and then gulp will run all tests, validate the code and watch if something changes. And if you make some changes to the code it will automatically run all the tests and validate all the code again. Pretty awsome, isn’t it?

cd ~/webroot/arcella

Run the tests

As Arcella uses PHPUnit for testing it’s quite easy to run the tests. Just navigate to the project folder, e.g. ~/webroot/arcella and run PHPunit.

cd ~/webroot/arcella
php vendor/bin/phpunit

Or do the same thing with Gulp:

cd ~/webroot/arcella
gulp test

Validate the code

To make sure that our code does not violate the Symfony coding standards we’re using PHPCodeSniffer that automatically detects violations to these coding standards.

cd ~/webroot/arcella
php vendor/bin/phpcs src -v --standard=Symfony2

Or make use of Gulp for this task:

cd ~/webroot/arcella
gulp validate

If this command fails with an error, saying that the Symfony2 coding standard is not available than just add it with the following command: